How Long Do Apex Patios Last?

Paver and flagstone patios, when installed correctly, hold up very well over the years. In fact, a properly installed patio should last over 10 years without the need for major repairs. At Apex, we install 8″-10″ of compacted base material underneath our patios, well over the manufacturer’s recommended minimum of 4″. We also use extra large compactors, which few companies own. We don’t believe that a smaller compactor can do an adequate job. The base preparation is the most important part of an Apex patio, and we don’t skimp on it. We want our patios to last a LONG time!

It is extremely rare for a portion of our patios to settle. We have patios that have been in the field over ten years which look as good today as the day we laid them. However, in the rare case that settling occurs, it will probably happen over the first winter. Typically, in a case like that, we can remove a few square feet of affected pavers, add a little sand, and put the pavers back. That’s why our warranty covers you for two full winters just to be sure everything is solid. At Apex, we want you to feel very secure in your investment.

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