Landscape Renovation

Investing in landscape renovation will dramatically enhance the appearance of your home or business.

At Apex Brick and Landscape Services, our landscape renovation projects blend new ideas with existing features to provide an inviting environment. Whether your style is simple, elaborate or somewhere in between, Apex can renovate your landscape to achieve your goals.

A landscape renovation could be as simple as replacing existing mulch or removing overgrown plants and installing modern low maintenance alternatives. Or, as elaborate as you can dream, with walls, ponds, fountains, trees, etc…..

A very common (and cost effective) landscaping renovation project involves installing low maintenance seasonal plants. These plants can save hours of pruning and gardening without sacrificing beauty. Let Apex’s expert designers recommend a range of plants that are proven to have success in our Michigan climate and would perform well at your home or business.

A successful landscape renovation makes a great first impression for a potential home buyer or new client!

Our team strives to create a landscape renovation that meets your goals while staying within your desired budget and time frame. Apex can transform your home or business in as little as one day!

Contact us at (734) 981-4223 to request a free, no-obligation consultation or fill out our Request A Quote form.

To see some of the landscaping options available to you, please visit our Landscaping Gallery.

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